Masseria Borgo San Marco - Fasano (Brindisi)

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Mr. Alessandro Amati, together with his wife Mrs. Virginia, decided to restore the Masseria 15 years ago, preserving the atmosphere and the appeal of the past, creating an elegant, sustainably-minded and traditional country house, where you can find the beauty of the colours and the lights of the surrounding countryside.
Eighteen suites simply but stylishly furnished, respecting Apulian traditions.
Each suite with its own view, its own light and, each one, with a different game of "chiaroscuro" which livens up the fantasy of a very rural take where, undisputed protagonist are centenary, even thousand-years old olive trees and ancient carob trees.
It is among those "patriarchs". Dear Foreigner, that mr. Alessandro will guide you in his estate, just like a modern Omero he will tell you touching stories about 13000 trees.
And, just like in Odyssey, dear Foreigner, your journey in Borgo San Marco will have different pleasant breaks: a pool, an elegant Mediterranean garden, a citrus grove among ancient pillars, a little church with frescoes dating back to the XVIII century, a terrace where you could sip tasty almond milk or a fresh lemonade, a coffee-reading room in the ancient oil-mill with the stone oil press , a traditional restaurant with excellent, refined and " poor man's food".
Last but not least, the little movie room reveals the strong passion of mr. Alessandro for acting; here. Actors and directors meet the guests of the Borgo to tell them about tourists and travellers going through magical Apulia to live enchanting stories about timeless olive trees dancing between Valle d' Itria and Mediterranean sea.
Welcome dear Foreigner, your story at Borgo San Marco is waiting for you!

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