Masseria Borgo San Marco - Fasano (Brindisi)

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The Knights of Malta’s shelter.

Dear Foreigner, Apulia is just a journey !A journey which works seriously like magic, because very few are the lands where beauty walks in procession as in the Saints and Lady's days.
Where the "Masserie" are young girls total white dressed up, singing their love for the sun. The old cities center are icing sugar flock full of baroque. Here the colors are the ingredients to be kneaded like bread and the light is the yeast that grows up, shines and desires everything. Here the old century olive trees have challenged against time, source of inspiration for Kings and Popes.
Here the darkness has been fought with the thousands and bright frescoes within the amazing rupestrian Middle Ages.
Apulia region, dear Foreigner, has the magic of the stone, the wind, the sea, the salt in the air. Those are the unseen roads to be found, to be smelled, just because the magic, the surprise and the wonder-following the paths- will be shaped like matter for your eyes and poetry for the rest of your senses. And the poetry, dear Foreigner, is something stunningly beautiful…


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