Masseria Borgo San Marco - Fasano (Brindisi)

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A millenary historic house.

…One of this poetic verse is named Borgo San Marco, placed in the south of Bari, towards Brindisi. It lies amongst a huge millenary olive trees grove which deserve a mention by themselves and are worth a visit.
Borgo San Marco is a charming, authentic and culturally rich Masseria facing onto the Adriatic Sea, at the end of a dirt patch that
crawls like a snake among typical " chianche" stones and red soil…red like the sunrises which ignite the Adriatic sea just opposite.
All around, dry-stone walls which reminds you to one of the most famous passage of the Apulian writer Tommaso Fiore, " a folk of ants", where he writes:
"You'll ask me how did some people do to dig the soil and to line up so many stones. I think this operation would have frighten a population of giants. This is the Murgia so sour and stony; …only the laboriousness of ants could do it".

White, intrepid, ancient, very ancient walls, challenging the whole wind rose from the XII century, time of the birth of the first settlement around a byzantine monastery, it was a garrison of Knights of San Giovanni in the XV century and, later, during the XVIII century, it became the Masseria as you can see nowadays.
Once you will be in. dear Foreigner, stop in the middle of the main courtyard, take a careful look all around yourself one, two, three times…and you will see how your head will spin!
You will see how the pastel colours of Borgo San Marco, always deep and shining, will narrate about the love that the ancient Amati family feel for this place since the XVIII century, generation after generation.

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