A millenary historic house

Borgo San Marco is situated south of Bari, towards Brindisi. It is enclosed by an enormous set of olive trees, which themselves are worth visiting. Borgo San Marco is a charming, authentic and culturally rich Masseria that faces the Adriatic Sea, which can be reached by following a snake shaped red gravel path. All around the masseria is a stone wall, that casts our thoughts to one of Tommaso Fiore’s most famous texts: “.. How did these people dig and align all this stone. I believe that this must have frightened a population of giants. This is the stoniest Murgia; to remodel it to make balconies (…) it wouldn’t need anything less than the labour of a population of ants…”

White, bold, ancient, very ancient walls, that encounters history from the XII century when the architecture was born around a settlement of the Byzantine monks, a location for defence for Malta’s Knights in the fifteenth century, and a “masseria” from the eighteenth century as it is today. Once you arrive, take a moment and stop in the courtyard and observe everything around you. You’ll see how the pastel colours of the Borgo, always bright and full of life, will narrate the love that the historical Amati family has been developing for this place since the XVIII century, from generation to generation.

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