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The Perfect Place to Play Golf on Your Holiday

Golf requires not only a technical and physical ability, but also an understanding of the rules and etiquette of the game.
In Puglia, several golf courses are available where you can practice this wonderful sport.
The beauty of the landscape and your stay at Borgo San Marco will surely be the ideal setting of your holiday. The golf lovers can enjoy the close by 18 hole course “San Domenico Golf” or another lovely 9 hole course.

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- Our Masseria -

Where the “Masserie” are young girls total white dressed up, singing their love for the sun. The old cities center are icing sugar flock full of baroque. Here the colors are the ingredients to be kneaded like bread and the light is the yeast that grows up, shines and desires everything. Here the old century olive trees have challenged against time, source of inspiration for Kings and Popes.
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- Interior -

Mr. Alessandro Amati, together with his wife Mrs. Virginia, decided to restore the Masseria 15 years ago, preserving the atmosphere and the appeal of the past, creating an elegant, sustainably-minded and traditional country house, where you can find the beauty of the colours and the lights of the surrounding countryside.
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- Outside Spaces -

Peacefully walk down the path that slides towards the Mediterranean, take your time and breathe the fresh air around you. It’s important because here in Puglia, from the northern part of the Gargano to the southern point of Salento, we have a very unique climate.
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- Cave settlements -

In the cave church at the rear of Borgo San Marco (owned by Dr. Alessandro Amati and recently restored by Mrs Nori Meo Evoli) important and beautiful frescos, never seen before, were discovered. The images of the Saints and medieval writings have been hidden for years, perhaps centuries, underneath a whitewash and plaster blanket.
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