The real Masseria experience in Fasano, relax amidst the sea and countryside

Puglia is a journey, an experience that awakens wonder because few others are the land where beauty moves in procession with religious feasts of saints and madonnas.

In Puglia, masserias are like maidens in white dresses, singing songs of love for the Sun. The historical centers in Fasano and surrounding areas are like sugar nuggets filled with the sweetness of Barocco.

Come to a place where colors are like ingredients to create with, like a good bread where the sunshine is the leavening that makes everything build, grow and glow.

Come to a place where monumental olive trees endured centuries as inspiration to kings and popes.

Come to a place where the sky is defied by the bold Romanesque-Puglian cathedrals, instead where deep in the limestone the darkness calls out thousands of brilliant, ancient frescoes of the extraordinary Medieval stone.

Puglia carries the magic of the stone, the wind, the sea, and the salt in the air.

These are the invisible roads to seek out, to smell, because following these paths the magic, the surprise, the awe, will take form, becoming substance for the eyes and poetry to the rest of the senses.

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